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Our Services

Inspirational Consultations


Hourly Appointments


Full-Service Design Proposals

  • Expert Advice - in-home or virtual - for furniture, art, lighting, area rugs, decor accessories, window covering, wall coverings, paint colours, flooring, fireplaces, kitchen and bathroom design, stone wall panels, and much more

  • Presentation of Products and Materials - in-home in person, sent digitally, or in showrooms.

  • Summary of Ideas - includes photos of furnishings, materials, and pricing. 

With our full-service design and decorating option, you can easily plan your project according to your timelines and budget. Our expert advice and suggestions will help you understand what your finished project will look like, how much it will cost, and when it will be completed. This process takes away the worry of not getting it right, costing too much, or stressing over how to coordinate everything together - both product-wise and installation-wise. Leave the work to Impressive Interiors and simply sit back and relax as we take care of everything for you. Check out our sample project proposal to see how Deborah can make your next home improvement project a joyful experience.

Shopping Services

Perfect for exploring options

Shopping in Designer Showrooms - Deborah shows you what's available and discusses the options that will suit your project. In less than a half a day, you will be enlightened with what elements of design Deborah is suggesting for your new look. She chooses mostly Canadian made furniture and home decor for its superior quality, design elements and warranties.


Window Blinds, Shades & Drapery

We offer impressive savings

​25% off Everyday + Free Remotes

Covering your windows with blinds, shades, drapery or shutters can be easy, affordable and stylish. Get quality Canadian made window covering solutions today - call for more info, a quick quotation, or a free consultation.

Luxury Brands of Furniture & Decor

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